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We provide top-of-the-range robotics solutions in response to the need to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of plants while staff at all levels are in short supply. The automation of processes using robots is a guarantee of high efficiency and quality of production. Robotic workstations enable the highest possible precision and repeatability during the execution of individual operations, as well as allow for real-time response to any irregularities and rapid implementation of changes.

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Robotic deburring stations and other equipment

We specialise in the design of robotic grinding, deburring and polishing stations. It is an innovative material processing technology that addresses the ever-increasing demands of end customers for consistent, superior end-product quality and shorter production times. By minimising the human factor in the production process, it is possible to achieve a repeatable machining result, while the use of engineering tools for offline programming, such as SprutCAM Robot, allows the creation of a complete robot motion trajectory for parts with complex and irregular geometries.

ARM Robotics - Stanowiska zrobotyzowane

Robotisation of production processes

  • The applications created ensure reliability and flexibility and guarantee safety in use thanks to appropriately selected safety systems
  • Delivery of complete robotic workstations, from the customer's initial concept through design to installation, commissioning and training in operation and health and safety at the customer's site
  • Deburring, grinding, polishing, packing and palletising, operation of machine tools, presses and special machines
  • Development of applications for robots from most manufacturers, including FANUC, ABB, KUKA and Comau
  • Offline robot programming in the SprutCAM Robot environment
  • Modernisation and optimisation of existing robotic cells
  • Designing own machining tools and robot arm tooling
ARM Robotics - Stanowiska zrobotyzowane

Robotisation and its benefits

Implementing new technologies and taking the manufacturing industry to the next higher level is not possible without the use of robots. The basic task of robotisation is to replace humans in their typical work with machines that will be programmed and controlled by them. Depending on production requirements, their tasks include repetitive activities and work cycles, and a minimum number of movements will be used to complete them. Another important objective is to optimise the tasks and processes taking place in the industrial plant. With robotisation, it is possible to effectively modify the production pattern and make it work better, more efficiently and more effectively.

There are undoubtedly three strong and irrefutable arguments for the introduction of robotisation: quality, efficiency and speed. Robots are machines that are able to work almost continuously with the same accuracy and speed. They do not feel fatigue or weariness and will always perform programmed activities at the same level, thus achieving better results and improving the profitability of the business. In addition, robots’ movements can be easily predicted and controlled, and this affects the level of safety on the shop floor.

Robotisation is also an antidote to the problems with recruiting the right employees. Those skilled and experienced are now at a premium. In addition, employees are reluctant to perform repetitive, onerous and unambitious tasks. It is therefore advisable to use robots for tasks that require a lot of physical strength or work in dusty areas, in the presence of noxious fumes or in adverse thermal conditions. This makes better use of human resources – they can be entrusted with creative, innovative tasks, control and programming of machines, thereby relieving their burden and ensuring greater safety.