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ARM Robotics Sp. z o.o.

We offer state-of-the-art industrial automation and robotics solutions.
We also service B&R systems.

Comprehensive services for industrial machine building

We provide comprehensive services for the construction of industrial machines, prototype equipment and complete automated production lines. We design, manufacture, supply and commission as well as service and modernise. We manufacture equipment according to the specifications and requirements communicated by the customer. We specialise in complex and unusual assignments. We help customers introduce modern solutions in line with the Industry 4.0 concept, improving quality, stability and speed of production. Do not hesitate to contact us and automate your production facilities.

Analysis and 
strategy building
Design preparation,
providing solutions
within the client's budget
of the design
Post sale service
Member of the Employers' Association FAIRP

Robotic grinding stations

We specialise in the design of robotic grinding, deburring and polishing stations. It is an innovative material processing technology that addresses the ever-increasing demands of end customers for consistent, superior end-product quality and shorter production times. By minimising the human factor in the production process, it is possible to achieve a repeatable machining result, while the use of engineering tools for offline programming, such as SprutCAM Robot, allows the creation of a complete robot motion trajectory for parts with complex and irregular geometries.

Servicing of B&R equipment

We are a Certified B&R Industrial Automation Integrator with the title of Qualified Partner. We provide servicing for end customers. We offer repair, replacement, modernisation and distribution of spare parts. The many years of invaluable experience gained from joint projects enable us to guarantee the highest quality of service in the integration of control, visualisation, drive control and integrated safety systems using B&R equipment.

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We fully understand the importance of customer service with regard to costs, quality, delivery and post-sale service. We commission, design and programme robotic cells. We also train their future operators.

Project implementation within budget

Professional advice at every stage of cooperation

Worldwide delivery

Top quality of services offered

Professional training

Reliable post sale service

ARM Robotics as a member of the FAIRP Employers' Association

We are one of the founders of a unique association, the only one of its kind in Poland, whose main focus is to support the digital development of the Polish economy through automation and robotisation of production processes. The Polish Automation and Robotics Forum (FAIRP) is an initiative of 14 representatives of the Polish industry sector, including the largest Polish companies associated with the automation and robotics market – integrators, machine manufacturers and solution and service providers. The association was formed as a result of a discussion around the robotisation relief that has been going on for about two years among investor-entrepreneurs and businesses supplying and implementing such systems in manufacturing companies. Cooperation and exchange of experience within the association itself takes place at the owner and director level. The key issue facing its members is the establishment of mutual trust. One of the aims enshrined in the association's statutes is to bring together academic, government and local government communities as well as business and its environment in a broad sense. FAIRP is committed to values such as promoting fairness and win-win cooperation. All this to build good engineering and organisational practices in the market and to promote quality.


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