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Robot and PLC programming

Robot and PLC programming

The extensive experience of our engineers allows us to program commercially available PLCs from numerous manufacturers. Based on patterns developed over the years and good engineering practice, we provide complete software with comments to facilitate the work of the customer's maintenance departments. When developing an application, our aim, in addition to getting the machine up and running, is to make it as easy to use as possible, while maintaining full functionality and observing the original guidelines and objectives. We are happy to undertake modifications to existing applications to optimise their performance. We program PLCs and HMI panels from manufacturers such as B&R, Siemen, Allen-Bradley, TURCK.

Before starting each project, we establish a detailed work schedule and cost estimate, adapting them to the customer's needs and requirements.

Programming of industrial robots

Many years of experience, specialist knowledge and technical skills enable us to program industrial robots and prepare simulations. We provide professional assistance and support during the commissioning of a robotic workstation or line.

When robotising production at our customers' sites, we provide a complete range of services, from the analysis of production processes, needs and opportunities, through design, construction and programming, to the delivery of the finished solution, its installation and warranty and post-warranty service.

Whenever possible, to streamline installation and shorten start-up times, our workstations are set up on single or bolted ready-made platforms, which are easy to install and relocate if necessary.

As an integrator of robotic workstations, we offer comprehensive training for employees in the use of the supplied solutions. Our equipment is provided with intuitive-to-use, clear and easy-to-read control panels. As a result, after training, the workstations can be operated even by previously non-qualified personnel.

As part of our offer, we service workstations and, on request, provide preventive monitoring of the installed equipment. Servicing provided by us covers traditional maintenance work, remote diagnostics and support in programming industrial robots.