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Diagnostics and measurement

Diagnostics and measurements

If you are interested in diagnostics and measurement services in an industrial plant or in the development of a comprehensive machine diagnostics system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Based on our team's many years of experience and working in cooperation with a number of companies (including B&R, Turck, Fanuc, etc.), we offer comprehensive machine condition monitoring solutions based on measurements of physical and process values. The predictive systems we use allow us to pinpoint the precise moment when preventive action needs to be taken to prevent equipment damage or production line stops. One of the tools we use is vibration diagnostics, or vibrodiagnostics (using vibration measurement and analysis).

While undertaking the design of industrial machines and production lines, we also provide diagnostic services to detect potential faults early on. In this way, we increase the productivity of the machines by preventing breakdown downtime.

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Vibration diagnostics

Vibration diagnostics makes it possible, on the basis of measurements of vibration levels, to identify and locate faults such as worn bearings or gears, incorrect alignment, the presence of excessive play or damage to rotating elements long before the moment when it becomes necessary to stop or take the machine out of service as a result of failure. Therefore, vibrodiagnostics is very well suited to control the technical condition of equipment such as motors, pumps, gears or fans, which are critical components of production lines.

On the basis of the collected measurement results, which are analysed by our specialists, we prepare recommendations to optimise servicing work, maximise machine reliability and reduce downtime and spare parts costs. If you would like to find out more about the method used, we encourage you to contact ARM from Katowice.